August 19, 2009

Where did you guys go???

Where did you guys disappear to?
Well, sorry that anyone has had to ask, we sincerely have been trying to find our way. We promise.

After our 'sabbatical' to the ranch, we headed to the beach house for a couple of days and then to to the gulf coast, through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and then on to Florida. We had a great time catching some Florida waves and hanging out with family.

Of course, we had to take a few pix of the kids crossing the state lines and do the usual tourist stuff... we started the journey in Louisiana in Baton Rouge to stay with Trey's cousin, Jane and Ted. They are so giving and wonderful! We have such favor, even with family! They welcomed us and took us to their favorite haunt and all...we had great Cajun food and stayed up late telling great family stories; DV, you were well represented!

Next stop, the alligator farm. We hopped on an air boat, no problem, four kids aged 1 to 9. Seriously, we dodge major illnesses in foreign countries and such

All hands on deck and we were all six ready to go, as usual. Our tour guide, Smitty, was very thorough and loved having the kids on deck. We threw marshmallows because as they hit the water they drew attention to the alligators and the color 'white' attracts them. Good thing Laney was not in a white onesie! jj We zoomed forward and backward and sideways; the boggy water was our destiny and let me say that the ride was incredible and the babies loved it! Afterward, we got to hold a baby alligator, the kids absolutely loved this part! All in all, the alligator speed boat thing was a little pricey but worth every penny.

So, off to Mississippi. We went off the beaten path (who would have guessed) and look Dauphin Island. It is just like Bolivar, only white sand and no IKE. We moved on and ate some great seafood. Off to our I-10 turn-off, 331.
After the turn-off to 331, you are on the path of white sand beaches and some sort of money pocket that not many 'residents' think is 'weird'. Does that make sense? What I mean is, those that actually live there on the beach, are not aware of the fact that no one else can actually afford to live next door to them. Can you imagine that? If you can, how blessed are you? Run and spread it, we can help you!!!

Anyway, we had a great time, hung out with my dad and his wife and parents. We wish that there weren't so many days that pass in a year. The kids painted a new piece of art with their grandmother for the beach house, a big one, 2x4 at least. They are so talented. We even got to welcome a tropical storm while there and laugh at it as well. We love them and miss them already!

So, on our return to Texas, we headed straight back and stopped only to take a break and get a snack (you parents know that we mean potty breaks every hour or so).
What a whirlwind. We are so blessed in the midst of so much turmoil; health care, octomom, Pensacola murder case, Michael Jackson, Obama health care, etc......
We are absolutely aware that we are not in control of anything except our own actions. Lord, help us, seriously.
So, on our way to Crystal Beach, Texas, we came upon the realization that we would go ahead and move our family to the beach house that we love while we get ready for the next leg of our journey. Please continue to pray for our family and thank you in advance for getting us where HE needs us!
Take care and God bless,
Trey and Connie

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  1. Does that next leg you are preparing for include Roatan??? Tee Hee. Love you guys. Thanks for the update! You all are so much fun! Never a dull moment! Keep us in the loop!


    Los Dycks