January 30, 2011

One Month Back Home

So it has been one month since we got back from our journey to Roatan....Some days have been good, others not so great.  It is definitely difficult to adjust to such change:  NO ONE that we know or are close to could possibly understand or GET what it is I am speaking of.  We love our friends and family and enjoy sharing our journey with them, but seriously WE could not have understood the hardships that we endured unless WE had walked in our shoes that we are presently still in.  It is not so much that we need validation that we gave of ourselves and our family in HIS name, but just someone that GETS it to simply listen and really KNOW what on earth we speak of and need right now.

January 19, 2011

One Year and Back in Texas

Well, we completed our one year commitment to Roatan and are now back in Texas.  I cannot believe it flew by so fast!  There were days that I thought the year would never end and others that just seemed to fly by.  Each day was filled with such awesome opportunities to minister to others and just be a great example of what Christ's love LOOKS like.  We are truly blessed and thankful for this past year and know that HE has some great stuff ahead for us! 

Here is a look at our final hours on Roatan:
Pastor Jeremy and Melissa made us a yummy dinner on our last evening so that we would not have to worry about one more thing, we hung out and let all the kids play out side.  They made fern leaf headdresses and of course, Laney ended up streaking all of us with nothing but a fern headdress on!  Great fun and more memories to add to our unending list.  It was fun to just chill for a bit, but we had not even packed our bags!  I know, we are one crazy family of six, but we would not be "us" if we did things any other way, right?  We stayed up until around midnight, I woke up around 5am obsessing about our day ahead knowing we were nowhere near where we needed to be in order to board our flights...