April 27, 2010

Build a House and Family Comes In For a Visit!

The past couple of weeks have been crazy with preparing for the Dwellings house build and then the actual week-long erection of the home in Gravel Bay, Roatan Bay Islands.  It was a very intense time in that the days began at sun-up and did not end until sun-down while the temperatures were reading around 95 with a feels-like temp of about 120 or so and full-on humidity.  The guys were such troopers and we actually got to host Tom and Dennis from Alternative Missions at our house.  What a treat to hang out with friends from the states and actually take part in building a home for a family in need.  The family was not just in need, but dire need, the single mom of three had a dirt floor and tin walls combined with an outdoor shower/sink/kitchen area that was one in the same; no indoor plumbing or electricity and no relief from the heat or bugs.  This family actually got to see a modern day modern day miracle: God's people giving unconditionally.  We are all these people, we just need to follow through with the many ways HE has lead us to give back to the community.  A smile, a pleasant conversation in passing, a sandwich, or even a house; what have you been called to do?  Do it with pleasure in your heart and you too shall be blessed.

April 23, 2010

Culture Day in Roatan, Honduras

Today we celebrated culture day at Anna and Wiley's school.  The families at the school come from so many different cultures: Italy, Holland, Honduras, Canada, Costa Rica, USA, Mexico, and Great Britain just to name a few.  Each family brought a dish from their native culture, we took queso & chips since we used to eat it all the time and it is pretty much served in every restaurant in Texas.  We had pastelitos, empenadas, swedish meatballs, focaccia, pineapple bread, and so many dished that we couldn't even try all of them.  Yummy!  The kids performed skits and sang, there is so much talent at that school it is absolutely amazing.  They raised a giant pole at the center of the play yard, it is called a "plait pole" in which each person holds onto a long ribbon that is attached to the top of the pole and they dance around it and weave the ribbons while doing so.  It was so much fun and great to learn about a local traditional dance.

April 22, 2010

Three Hour Tour - To the Electric Company?

So, today was crazy….went to pay our electric bill on the final day that it is due.
Note to self: do not EVER do this again.

The line at the electric company wrapped around the building, about 150 people in line. It is the hottest month so far with zero wind right now, blistering heat, extra humidity, and I have two of my kids with me. What to do? I let Anna watch and play with Laney in the car, parked in the shade, with the windows down while I stood in line. By the time I got to the beginning of the line, an hour and a half later, I was able to witness several people that were let in by the armed guards ahead of all of us that had been sweating to death. If you were pregnant, a senior citizen, had little children or a big mouth, they let you in immediately.  So, when FAVOR is given, you gotta take it.

April 08, 2010

Easter in Roatan, Honduras

I can honestly say that Easter was our most liked day so far while here on the island. We got up, got everyone dressed in their Easter Sunday best and headed out for a fun-filled day. Started out at church, Jeremy preached to a standing room only crowd while kids’ church enjoyed a good message followed by an Easter egg hunt. After the service, we all made our way to the beach to participate in the Easter baptism. What a beautiful sight, there is something to be said about getting dunked in the crystal blue Caribbean waters in honor of the One that created all of the beauty that surrounds us. It was breath-taking. Afterwards, we made our way over to the winding pool at the resort where we meet each week for a giant buffet and a full day of swimming and hanging out. We couldn’t have asked for a better day; sunny, warm, a beautiful pool, and great island friends to share it with. We are so blessed and thankful for all that God has done for us. When we least expect it, He surprises us with amazing blessings.

This weekend will surely fly by for us as we say goodbye to our new friends, the Corwin family on Monday. We will miss them dearly but know that we will see them again.

Trey is getting ready for the Dwellings house build on the 17th. He has the material ordered and is getting the posts set as we speak. His goal is to have the foundation set before the guys arrive that have volunteered their time to build it. The family receiving the home consists of a mom and her two sons, the dad has long since left and if you could see what they lived in before, you would be shocked that anyone could call it home. What a humbling experience as she walked Trey through her home knowing that he was in the process of lining up its demolition. This is an amazing ministry and I encourage you to consider being a part of a house build. If you can get away for a week, the next one is in August. (email trey)

Take Care and God Bless,


April 03, 2010

Semana Santa in Roatan, Honduras

This week in is Holy Week in Honduras and the long awaited arrival of people from mainland Honduras to Roatan. They descend upon the Bay Islands for their vacation and celebration of what Christians all over the world call the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This week for businesses can amount to a few months worth of income and is long awaited by many restaurants, hotels and vendors alike. As Americans, we generally celebrate Good Friday and have the day off for a three-day weekend for Easter Celebration. Either way, we were not sure what to expect of the thousands of people that were to take over the streets and beaches. So far it has been great people watching and not too crowded really. We made sure we went grocery shopping so as not to run into empty shelves and we made sure to get certain business taken care of because the banks close down for a few days, so we felt that we were pretty proactive. Little did we know that the battery back-up for the house would start acting up....nothing major, just no power or water....no big deal after being at the beach all day....yeah, right! We made an executive decision to swim in the pool before trying to get to sleep in the heat. Interesting what we take for granted in the states and yet people all around us here go without clean water and electricity as a norm. Something to think about when we blast the a/c and drive through Chic-Fil-A.
We spent yesterday with our new friends, The Corwin family, playing at the beach and having a great time. They are from Michigan and visiting for 7 weeks. They have four kids too, so we immediately bonded on many levels. The kids have gotten together a few times a week and I can tell you that there will be some tears when they leave. The boys catch crabs and whatever other critters they can find (they catch and release) and the girls all swim and run up and down the beaches. Wiley has truly met the only male wired the same as him; lanky, full of energy and happy with nothing but a pile of sand.  Awesome memories! We plan to visit them in Michigan some day and maybe vacation with them. Love ‘em!

Today, Trey is building a couple of life-size crosses for the Easter Service on Sunday. They are going to be really cool, made from rustic trees and tied with twine. Can't wait to see them set up and to watch the congregation in awe of Jeremy's sermon. He is such a gifted speaker and story teller of the bible. The kids service will be fun too, we will have our devotion and then follow up with an Easter egg hunt. After the service we will be doing a baptism in the ocean followed by lunch and swimming at the resort where church takes place. Good times ahead, we will be sure to post some pix of the fun day. I asked Anna what Good Friday and Passover meant and she answered without hesitation, "When Jesus rose from the dead." She is an amazing little girl and continually lets God shine through her in all that she does. What a blessing.
Anna and I are having a mom/daughter date for lunch this afternoon. Long awaited for sure and much needed with all the changes going on in our lives.

Take Care and God Bless,