January 29, 2010

Yackity Yack!

We have spent the past three days with four children taking turns yacking!  Poor babies and poor momma...Things happen in threes: we got our stuff, got hot water, and got sick.  WHEW!  I guess we are done for now.  Although, I thought it was supposed to be three good things or three bad things, not an assortment...oh, well, not complaining since we are all better now and have our stuff and hot water too!
Now that we are all better we have ventured out to do our daily nature walks and try to identify different species of plants and critters.  Trying to attempt homeschool, not so easy with the two littlest ones.  God bless them.  We vistited a private bilingual school early in the week and are talking a praying about sending Anna.  My sanity is one thing, but her education is very important and I would not want her to get behind because I cannot truly dedicate enough one-on-one time to her. Will keep you posted and please let us know if you have any thoughts on this, would totally appreciate it.
Tomorrow we are working with rChurch at Ms. Peggy's Clinica Esperanza.  It is in Sandy Bay right next to the Colonia.  Ms. Peggy has gotten funding to add on to her clinic which is the only place that anyone can go for medical emergencies and sickness.  Can't wait to report back about how it goes and get some pictures too.
Take Care and God Bless,

January 25, 2010

Working on the well

Today, Trey and Anna went up to the Colonia with Henry from Living Water for Roatan.  One of the water wells that supplies water to over a thousand people was having problems and was not generating water like it should.  After troubleshooting the well, they figured out it was a prolem with the flow valve and thus saved a whole lot of time and money in that the pump will not need to be pulled.
Anna got to see some of her old friends that she had met and played with this past summer; best of all, they totally remembered her and were very excited to see her.  She cannot wait for the first mission team to arrive in February so that she can help with VBS and all the fun activities with the kids in the Colonia.
This afternoon we finally got some reliable hot water!  It is only in one shower and not available anywhere else in the house yet, but hey we are not complaining!  The kids were fighting over who got to shower first in the hot water.  The little things.
This evening we lost power for the third or fourth time this week.  But, this time the batteries in the back up generator were not fully charged so we spent some quality time on one of many long walks in the area.  On a good note, we might actually get our container of things delivered tomorrow.  Very excited to have more than two pair of shorts to wear!  Thankfully we did not ship absolutely everything and decided to pack a couple of things in our bags for the plane.  Thank you, God, for that forethought!
Trey and Pastor Jeremy were supposed to go to La Ceiba, but we have been advised by the US Embassy that Americans should steer clear of the mainland because the new President of Honduras is getting sworn in on Wednesday.  They are expecting large demonstrations and riots in the streets along with huge crowds of people.  So, needless to say, they will wait until next week to take that little excursion.

Take care and God bless,
Connie and Trey

January 23, 2010

We made it!

We finally made it to Roatan for the second leg of our journey here in Roatan, Honduras!
After preparing our home in Crystal Beach to be a rental again, a very long and tedious task with four children under foot, I might add, we spent the night with our dear friends, the Ashtons, and headed out to the airport first thing Sunday morning; escorted by non other than Uncle James.  Little Laney was not a happy camper on the plane, thank God it was half empty! Definitely recommend flying in to Roatan on a Sunday.
Our friends, Jeremy, Melissa and the boys and Henry and Frances met us and picked us up at the airport.  So great to see our friends on the island, it has been way too long!  Melissa prepared dinner and breakfast for us so that we did not have to worry about stocking the pantry just yet.  It has been interesting watching the kids amist all this change and honestly they are reacting as any kids would, asking lots of questions, "when can we go to the beach?, what can we eat?, do I have to take a cold shower?"  We did finally decide that while warming water to wash dishes, we would go ahead and fill a wash tub for the two little ones to bathe in, they were so excited!  Anna and Wiley were not amused.   
First thing Monday morning, we were off with lists in hand that we conquered through various markets and little side vendors.  Trey spent Tuesday with Jeremy and hit all the local spots to introduce us to some of the newer owners of shops and members of rChurch.  Wednesday and Thursday were spent picking up things we missed on our shopping excursion Monday, meeting with the plumber to try and fix the hot water, trying to track down our container with all of our things (which has most of our clothes and swimsuits in it, so we are washing clothes everyday and will look like street people at church on Sunday; gotta love island life!)
We are hoping to make it to the colonia today to say hi and see what needs to be done around there; Anna has been begging to go see her old friends at the colonia, she has such a great heart.
Well, just wanted to let everyone know that we made it and we will blog as the internet permits; it is not very reliable right now and evidently has not been working well lately on this end of the island.
Take Care and God Bless,