October 23, 2009

New Things On The Horizon....

Here recently we have been enjoying the awesome weather as well as some other great things.

My mom and her husband were in for a couple of days to visit with us, that was fun and we did all the Galveston fun stuff of hitting The Strand and of course the beach. They are back in Seattle now, missing the grandkids and the fantastic weather we are having.

Trey went to Arizona for the meeting with the University of Arizona. Very good results and they are glad to have him on board for help with the project in Roatan. This will be a long process that could be 6 months to a year down the road, but wonderful news that the Colonia may actually have a water treatment facility and possible indoor plumbing! God is great!

We had some of our friends from Roatan stop in and stay with us for a couple of days. Henry and Frances of LW4R were in the states for a couple of weeks and graced us with their presence. While they were here we had a great meeting with Lakewood Church's Ministry Team, which was very exciting and uplifting. Good things to come for sure. We got to hang out with them and share some great family time together. They are so committed to the cause and so blessed to have been able to share their experience in Roatan with oneanother.

We are also in the process of firming up some great plans with some of our other friends in Roatan, as well. The pastor and his wife, Jeremy and Melissa, which we totally connected with while there this summer, have been in BIG talks with us of late. We will be sharing some cool stuff soon on our blog and via email...so be watching!

Take care and God bless!

Connie and Trey

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