November 25, 2009

Kids on a mission in Crystal Beach, Texas

Our kids got the whole week off this week for the Thanksgiving Holidays. Not sure who approved this, just kidding...we have had a great week so far:
Anna and Wiley and a few other classmates from their school spent the day handing out food to families in need. It was awesome to see kids, whose families were waiting in the food line, jump in to help give back to their community while getting served themselves. I am not sure if they realized it, but the impact of seeing kids willing to serve is huge, especially these days when so many children seem to "expect" everything. Anna passed out oranges and grapefruit while Wiley was knee deep in milk boxes, I had the pleasure of serving up bananas, we were a complete mess once we were done. A little boy in the first grade, Gabriel, was sitting up on one of the tables surrounded by giant green cabbages and just smiling and passing them out, it was priceless (and of course, I forgot to take my camera!).
I must also report on our support for our mission to get back to Roatan. Not what we expected, we have had a ton of great emails with well-wishes (so awesome) and a handful of pledges to commit to monthly support, but zero has actually been, we are questioning if we are supposed to be leaving on this journey right now. I think Trey is having a much harder time than me, it is what it is and if what we want to occur does not happen, then HE must have other plans for us right now. We get another financial update in two weeks and I will report again at that time, right now we are going to focus on enjoying our family for Thanksgiving and being thankful for perfect health and an awesome God that has HUGE plans for us.
Take care and God bless,

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