December 26, 2009

Cool things that our friends are doing in support of our mission to Roatan

Here's how some of you are helping:

■If you read our blog this summer you are aware that soccer is the sport in Honduras. We played with kids and adults on dirt fields in 100 degree heat. Most of them played without soccer cleats or even shoes. Well, we now have enough cleats, soccer balls and uniforms for two whole teams thanks to Michelle Nelson. This girl took the bull by the horns and contacted each and every contact she had in the soccer world and made it happen. Not only did she get to GIVE to the cause, but she invited others to participate in giving in a way that they were called to do so. God works in all of us and what may not seem like much, in donating gently used or new equipment, will have a huge impact on someone else. What is your calling?

■The children of Roatan, Honduras are not raised the way many of us in the United States are raised when it comes to oral hygeine. With one phone call, Rita Loveless was able to secure a whole box-full of toothbrushes, toothaste and dental floss from her dentist. The crazy thing is, she was even able to get soccer balls, undies, sunday school supplies and arts and crafts too. A simple phone call ignighted a fuse in others and the result was exponential. How can you make a difference?

■Not everyone has the means to GIVE financially, however, when God calls you to do so He won't let it go. We have several one-time and monthly contributors that have never been on a mission trip or let alone had the desire to participate in one, however, they listened and followed. Our number one response is that of thanks and they better hold on because the ride only gets better! What will your impact be?

As Pastor Kerry says, "It only takes a pebble to make that ripple effect". Just think of the impact that each of us has the ability to have on others, the possibilities are endless.

We are so very grateful for our friends and their belief in us as we partner with God on this great journey. Without Him we are nothing and with Him we are everything.

check out our website if you haven't already, we have weekly updates and loads of information about our trip

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