January 29, 2010

Yackity Yack!

We have spent the past three days with four children taking turns yacking!  Poor babies and poor momma...Things happen in threes: we got our stuff, got hot water, and got sick.  WHEW!  I guess we are done for now.  Although, I thought it was supposed to be three good things or three bad things, not an assortment...oh, well, not complaining since we are all better now and have our stuff and hot water too!
Now that we are all better we have ventured out to do our daily nature walks and try to identify different species of plants and critters.  Trying to attempt homeschool, not so easy with the two littlest ones.  God bless them.  We vistited a private bilingual school early in the week and are talking a praying about sending Anna.  My sanity is one thing, but her education is very important and I would not want her to get behind because I cannot truly dedicate enough one-on-one time to her. Will keep you posted and please let us know if you have any thoughts on this, would totally appreciate it.
Tomorrow we are working with rChurch at Ms. Peggy's Clinica Esperanza.  It is in Sandy Bay right next to the Colonia.  Ms. Peggy has gotten funding to add on to her clinic which is the only place that anyone can go for medical emergencies and sickness.  Can't wait to report back about how it goes and get some pictures too.
Take Care and God Bless,

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