August 04, 2010

Short Term Missions, House Builds and More Goodbyes...

The last two months have been so much work but so rewarding all at the same time.  We had five weeks straight of short term mission teams with lw4r.  This was an opportunity for us to help shuttle people, participate in VBS, take rice and beans to families and really just a way for us to help enable people with an abundance to give to others in need.  So much more to be said about all that occurred during the past few weeks, so many milestones and revelations about what our time here means and what it can mean to others that may not be able to actually be here in person but can participate from home.

We are in our last week of two with our dear friend's 16-year-old daughter, Taylor.  She has gotten to participate in much of what the short term mission teams do in the colonia as well as practice with the colonia baseball team, working at Gumbalimba Park as a photographer and guide, hanging out with our church youth group and surviving two whole weeks with three other children in the house!  Did I mention that she is an only child?  She cannot wait for some peace and quiet, God bless her!  We can honestly say that Taylor got to see almost all of the island because we went all the way to Camp Bay on the east end of the island on a cloudy, rainy day this past week.  What a trip that was, a fun little adventure that we had not yet taken in our past six months.  

So, this Sunday we will be dropping off Taylor and picking up Anna...we will miss Taylor and we have definitely missed Anna!  So looking forward to catching up with our Anna and her adventures while in the states the past two and a half weeks.

Take Care and God Bless,

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