October 30, 2010

First game of fall balll for the colonia Pirates

This afternoon we had our first game with a local team from West End, the Westenders.  They had a world of experience compared to our kids but our guys amazed everyone watching!  Our team hit the ball, ran the bases, had double plays, etc; all of it absolutely defying everything these kids knew.   Trey was in awe of what these kids were able to accomplish with what seemed as so little training...commiting to something they just learned to love and following through with it...and they have immediate results!   Wow! 

trey coaching first

Mike and Trey are like second fathers to these kids in more ways than they will ever know.  What an amazing way to witness to kids that have very few mentors in their lives.  Thank you for supporting them and following them through to the finality of actually playing a game of baseball as a team.

Take Care and God Bless,
Connie and Fam 


  1. great posting!! cant wait to see them play

  2. that is so wonderful! i know you are impacting people here in so many ways! may He continue to bless and fill you afresh daily.