January 30, 2011

One Month Back Home

So it has been one month since we got back from our journey to Roatan....Some days have been good, others not so great.  It is definitely difficult to adjust to such change:  NO ONE that we know or are close to could possibly understand or GET what it is I am speaking of.  We love our friends and family and enjoy sharing our journey with them, but seriously WE could not have understood the hardships that we endured unless WE had walked in our shoes that we are presently still in.  It is not so much that we need validation that we gave of ourselves and our family in HIS name, but just someone that GETS it to simply listen and really KNOW what on earth we speak of and need right now.
If you went back to our blog when we first arrived in Roatan, many would notice that life was not so easy....I can hardly believe myself when we now say, "Let's just go back, let's just go back home..."  Sounds crazy, I know!  Who wants random power outages, mosquitoes, blood sucking no-see-ums, boas, tarantulas, rats, mice, mud slides, torential rains, sweating while trying to sleep without a/c, the fear of malaria and denge fever, fear of being mugged or worse....seriously, I could keep going on and on and it makes zero sense that we would even dream of going back to Roatan on purpose....however, there is a sort of peace in saying that we would enjoy returning to our friends/family back in Honduras.  We have had a pretty important door close on us, Trey's job to be exact, so we are really praying that God will help us to see and hear what HIS plan is for us.  Crazy times again in the Vick house and we trust that HE will guide us every single step of the way.

So, enough about all that, the kids are loving school and we are still SLOWLY getting unpacked.  We have such an appreciation for the immediate hot water and full-time power that we used to take for granted.  So much easy access to any and every single thing that we might want or need at the grocery store.  It is almost too much, but we definitely appreciate it.

We love you guys for following us and pray that we will all find our way in this life we are all living together!

Take Care and God Bless,
Connie and Fam

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