February 20, 2010

Birthdays, Scooters and Bees...Oh My!

In the middle of our crazy few weeks, Trey and I decided to have our birthdays of all things; on Valentine's Day we celebrated with a surprise birthday cake and a ton of homemade birthday cards.  Melissa made me my favorite cake of all, homemade carrott cake with real cream cheese frosting and even put candles on top for Trey and I to blow out!  The cards that all the kids made were just darling and filled with tons of love.  This will be a birthday that we will never forget, friends taking the time to make us feel super special in a foreign place and making sure that the kids got to participate in the surprise.  Thank you Lissa and Jeremy!

Trey and Jeremy took the ferry (a two hour ride) over to the main land, San Pedro Sula and bought us a set of wheels, a scooter!  The kids are so pumped, they fight over who gets to run to the store or take the trash to the top of the hill on the scooter with dad.  I haven't ventured out on it yet, it has been pretty rainy and there really hasn't been an opportunity for me to wipe out oh so gracefully in private.  It is very economical and easy to park in a place with very few real parking spaces.

We have had some sweet new guests this week.  Very sweet indeed, honey bees!  I left to go grocery shopping and only saw a few around our front door.  Then, on my way home Trey called to say there was a huge swarm of bees in a giant ball as big as the house and that I may not be able to get in.  So, I did what any other mom would do, I panicked and then called Jeremy who referred me to someone very unexpected, Brion James.  Apprently he has a love of rescuing and relocating honey bees.  Who would have thought that the singer/songwriter/producer was a bee whisperer too?  He brought over a bee box and a couple of friends to assist in pulling back the cement board to remove the bees.  It was quite the process and he ended up with all but a few of them.  Thank God, only a couple of bee stings were had, one of which by Trey.  The back of his leg is still pretty swollen and numb.  We hope they stay in their new home for a while.

Take Care and God Bless,

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