February 22, 2010

Who needs power when you have homemade pizza...

Mondays are our grocery shopping day.  Melissa and I team up and ride to the grocery store(s) together to use this time to hang out and have mom time while running our errands.  Trey usually drops Anna at school then I use the morning to home school Wiley and Parker before we leave around lunch time.  Trey normally keeps Wiley and the baby while I take Parker with us.  The baby takes her nap and Wiley usually plays outside or watches a movie while she is sleeping.

This morning, however we had to change up our routine a little, which is not too uncommon here on the island.  Jeremy had a meeting with a family this afternoon and Melissa needed to be back before he could leave.  This family has a story that began yesterday at church.  About 15 or so friends and family brought a young man to church that is actually dying.  He is only 16 years old and his kidneys have failed, they no longer respond to dialysis and the doctors say he is terminal.  This young man may have a week or so until he passes and hopes to attend church with us next Sunday too.  Part of the people that brought him to church had helped fulfill his last wish, to swim in a real swimming pool.  The other thing that was pressing for him was to attend church and meet with the pastor.  So goes one of the many tough meetings that pastors must have.  I cannot imagine what either Jeremy or the young man were feeling or thinking during this spiritual meeting.  I also cannot imagine what my last wish might be if I were in the same situation as this young man.  Jeremy is actually looking into starting an outreach where the church could fulfill such last wishes for locals.  What an amazing opportunity to share those last days or weeks with someone and to help God fill their heart with joy through an act of kindness.

This evening, Anna asked to have a friend over, little did we know that the power would go off, for four hours....no big deal, they swam, did their nails, played on the computer, almost sounds pretty normal?  Well, when the sun goes down around here (at around 5:30 or so), it gets REALLY dark and REALLY hot if there is no wind.  We are fortunate enough to have a backup battery generator of some sort, however we haven't charged it in a couple of weeks and it was quite low on juice.  So, we had one light on and only a couple of fans while sweating to death making homemade pizza in the hot, hot kitchen.  Good thing Trey can actually cook.  That was the best pizza ever! 

We are actually having some more water issues right now too, not hot and no pressure, it trickles...trust me, it could be WAY worse, so I am trying not to complain.  We have mastered how to conserve water in ways we never knew possible.  Did you know that you can turn on the ice cold water and drench yourself, turn it off and lather up head to toe, then turn the ice cold water back on and rinse and get in and out of the shower in under 5 minutes?  Had no idea; I mean we used to take 30 minute steaming hot showers back in the states.  I feel a little guilty.  Just a little though.

Well, we got everyone sprinkled with water and soap and into bed, just in time for the power to come back on!  We were all thanking Jesus for the power!  It was funny to hoot and holler over power.  There is nothing like sleeping with the roar of the fans to get you and most importantly, the babies to sleep after an interesting night.

Take care and God bless,

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