June 09, 2010

Little Ones With Birthdays....My how time flies!

This past week we celebrated Laney's second birthday!  We can hardly believe that it has already been two years since we were blessed with her arrival; she is so stinkin cute.  It is amazing how quickly they develop their own little personalities and views of those around them, God bless her for dealing with three older siblings all the time.  She is one tough cookie, we always call her our little bull-dog because she can face plant into the concrete and might cry for a second or two but always is ready to get back up and keep going.
We have been without an oven for over a month now, so Melissa was so kind to jump in and volunteer to make Laney's birthday complete.  So, Melissa ended up baking cupcakes and a cute tiny cake just for Laney.  We celebrated after church set-up on Saturday and everyone was so excited to have a treat after our hard work.  Thanks Melissa!  And happy birthday little Laney lou!

Take Care and God Bless,

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