June 29, 2010

New Team Arrives

Trey helped pick up the first short term team of the summer for lw4r at the airport.  They ended up bringing in a ton more baseball stuff, so we are set to have some major baseball going on here in Roatan.  Might even get the men's baseball team to get involved and a teenage team started.  Good stuff.

This week Trey will be helping the team get from one place to another as well as assisting with some of the construction that they have going on.  The kids and I will be going to the VBS in the afternoons as well as photographing the team and the different projects that they have going on this week. The team is adding two rooms to a house, shelving and ventilation to a storage building, laying some water pipe, doing bible studies, vbs and distributing food; all much needed and very appreciated.

Tonight we are going to what is supposed to be an amazing puppet show that the team has hired.  This will be up in the colonia and should be fun for the kids.

Take Care and God Bless,

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