July 04, 2010

Dropping off and Picking up...

So, every Saturday for the next few weeks we will continue to drop off one short term mission team and pick up another one.  It can be fun to go to the airport because you never know who you might see and get to catch up with.   It is also quite a sight to see our little pick-up loaded down with luggage as well as the lw4r truck all loaded down and then a van and another SUV busting at the seems with people.  We will definitely have to get a shot of that and post it so that all can truly appreciate it.

The team that we dropped off was from Jacksonville, Florida and consisted of 26 people.  It was a huge team for a short term mission trip but with a big team they can have a big impact.   They did VBS, soccer camp, added two rooms onto a house, laid water lines and ministered to the people of the colonia.  Because they had plenty of helpers and were pretty organized, we mainly helped move people from place to place and joined in on the activities.  These next few weeks will be a little crazier with smaller teams but so fun and rewarding.   

The team that arrived today is from Talapoosa, Georgia; 12 people total.  We had the opportunity to get to know them last summer when we helped out with VBS and sports camp.  They are just an amazing group of young adults and leaders, I definitely want to expose my kids to them every chance we get.  It is not often enough that you see first and second year college students that follow the Lord and choose to give back year after year; we pray that our kids will be the examples to others in the same way.  So, instead of using their money to go on some vacation, they have willfully chosen to help the needy children in Roatan, Honduras by doing VBS, soccer and baseball camp, running water lines and so much more just through leading by example.  The kids in the colonia actually remember them and call them by name because they have returned year after year; very cool stuff. 

This should be an exciting week and we look forward to sharing with you!

In the pictures above: Anna is with Aylisa, a girl from the colonia that she met last summer (see 7-6-09 blog); Wiley is in the window of the open-air church; and Anna and Eduardo are running around the house that the team added onto.
Take care and God bless,
Connie and Family

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