December 11, 2010

Holidays in Motion

After getting through Halloween and being in charge of the haunted house at the kids' school,  we barely got a breath of air when we began the journey into Thanksgiving.  Our church hosted a HUGE potluck dinner at a local resort.  It was absolutely beautiful with tons of food and fellowship, the kids swam and played while we all ate more than our bodies could possibly handle. We were not sure what to expect of a Thanksgiving in Honduras, but a great time was had by all along with many new memories.  We actually spent Thanksgiving day at the beach with the kids.

Oh, Wiley lost one tooth and a week later lost the other tooth, so now is officially almost toothless!  The babies keep trying to wiggle their teeth, they are so darn cute.

We began practicing for the Christmas Drama that the youth group is putting on the week before Christmas.  "Nativity Idol"  is the name of the drama, it is a spoof of "American Idol" in which the characters try out for the parts of Mary, Joseph, Wisemen, etc. for the three crazy judges, such a hoot.  It is great seeing the youth memorize their lines and get into character, they are so talented and willing to step out of any shells that they might have.  The younger kids will be singing Away in a Manger while one of the youth plays guitar for them; they are just precious!  Anna and I will be playing the part of mother/daughter, she will be trying out for the part of Mary and I will be her pushy stage mother, it is so funny!  Wiley will sing with the other kids as well as hold up the "Applause" signs for the audience (congregation).  We are excited and can't wait to put on the actual presentation.

Trey has been busy at yet another house build through Alternative Missions for the past two weeks.  It is actually over water this time, so it has been a new experience in building on the island....each house has had it's unique characteristics for sure.  This has been the fourth house this year on Roatan and they are actually getting booked out for about three more houses at the start of the year....whew!  Trey will be missed at future house builds, we will be looking at our schedules to be sure take part in another one for sure.

Trey helped organize a conference call on Skype for LW4R, which included two locals that help over-see the water operations, about 10 engineers from NAU, a water system expert from AZ as well as Mike and Kerry Tichi, missionaries with a heavy heart for education.  There are exciting things on the horizon for the water system: a well that could be fixed and allow water to go to an entirely new colonia which is comprised of hundreds of people that have no other option for clean water.  The engineers are raising money to return to the island to do a complete evaluation of the current system with the hope to make the system more sustainable with solar and wind power.  God is so amazing and consistent with his provision.  Seek and you will find.
It is very difficult to realize that we will be leaving the island and ministries that have become a part of our lives.   The friends that are now practically family, the youth group, rChurch, the baseball team, house build recipients, mission teams.....we are so grateful for the experiences and while there were days that were so difficult to get through and circumstances that were equally tough, we wouldn't trade it for the world.  Reminds me of a Toby Mac song, "I don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul."

Take Care and God Bless,
Connie and Family

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  1. have a safe trip home. we are bummed we are going to miss seeing you. In Him, ron and jamie