March 03, 2010

March is upon us!

March On!

Saturday, Trey and Anna helped pick up a short term mission team for Living Water 4 Roatan.  They are a group from Florida and the men will be finishing a concrete block storage building while the ladies do discipleship classes with a group of women in the colonia.  They have morning classes and evening classes as well as fun stuff for their children if they choose to bring them, which is usually the case.  Great for the moms and good for the kids too. 

While Trey and Anna were at the airport and shuttling people and luggage, I stayed at the house with the other three kids as well as Jeremy and Melissa's twin boys.  The 16-year-old boy that had kidney failure ended up passing away.  Jeremy was asked to officiate the service on Saturday morning.  So tough to say goodbye to a child, I cannot imagine how tough that would be.  So many feelings and surely anger in not understanding why a young life would be taken so soon.  Trey and I are so very blessed to have such healthy children; we thank God daily for their health and ours.  The island funeral is similar to a funeral in the states except that they take the body in the casket from the house and carry it all the way to the grave site while singing.  Then they lower the casket into the ground and fill it with dirt right then, all while still singing.  It is quite a sight and not something that many would forget.

It ended up being a rainy day, so the kids and I ventured out to take hikes when the rain stopped, almost every time getting chased back inside by the rain.  It was a fun time.  We watched movies, ate lots of peanut butter & crackers and popcorn; we were so low on groceries, which always happens at the end of the week.  Mondays never come soon enough to hit all three grocery stores to see if they will have what we need and then a little of what we just plain and simply want.  Since everything is shipped in, we never know what will make the shipment and what won't.  So, when we find something that hasn't been in the store in a while, we grab two or three of them and run!  Well, we finish shopping and pay first of course.  So funny the little things we take for granted in the states, like a grocery store that actually carries rice crispy cereal all the time or a loaf of bread.  I totally need to blog on grocery shopping alone, it is quite the circus.

Trey and Wiley have been joining the team that came in for LW4R, the past two days.  Wiley is in hog heaven hanging out with the guys and building and playing in the dirt and sand.  When he got home yesterday, he took off his shoes and a huge pile of sand just dumped out on the floor.  He had some fun and we had proof right there on the floor and all over his body and clothes too!  Today they are pouring the roof of the storage builiding, hopefully the rain will stay away until this evening.  It is so nice to have a storm at night, there is rarely any thunder or lightening, which is so different from Texas, but the cool breezes that come in with the rain are like having a/c inside and out.  We love waking up and actually needing our top sheet to keep a little bit warm.  The small things.

Take Care and God Bless,

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