March 12, 2010

Busy, busy, Busy....

This past week has been pretty crazy. Trey worked with the short mission team everyday, all day. Wiley spent most days with him and we pretty much blew off school, but at least he was surrounded by some really awesome work and learned important values and lessons on serving others. The team left on Saturday and they went and saw them off. We spent a couple of hours at the beach and played aerobie, paddle-ball and soccer. After the beach, Trey and the older kids headed up to do church set-up while I put the two little ones down for a nap. With Jeremy coming in late, it was up to Trey, Melissa and the kids that show up to get it all set-up. They did a great job and it was good experience for Trey to practice set-up. Afterward, we had Melissa and the kids over for homemade pizza. Anna brought her friend, Julia to hangout as well. The worship leader’s wife and kids are out of town right now, so Jim came over and ate too. Good pizza, lots of kids running around, it was awesome to hang out with friends and let the kids play.

Sunday was a lot of fun; we had about 14 kids in children’s church which is about double what we usually have in attendance. It was great, they all paid attention and participated in the bible study, they even chipped in and helped with the break down of the church. We met a couple with four kids that Melissa had met at the ice cream shop and invited to church. They are from Michigan and in town for the next few weeks. They hope to participate in some outreach opportunities while here, so we plan to give them plenty of options.

We ended up heading out to the crab races and fire dancing on Sunday night, ended up meeting up with Tom and Jennifer from Michigan and their four kids. Had a blast and stayed out on the beach until after 9 or so. They are a really neat family and we are enjoying getting to know them better. Jennifer joined me on my Monday grocery shopping run and then we met up with her and the kids at the beach on Tuesday for a little bit. The sun hasn’t been this hot in a couple of weeks, so we were not properly prepared for that much sun. We got so sunburned that my kids were delirious that afternoon. They are definitely Coppertone babies now; so cute, but so cranky that night.

Jeremy and Melissa got some bad news on Monday, his grandfather that he is very close to, passed away. He left today for Seattle to attend the funeral and celebrate a wonderful life. Melissa and the boys are on their own for a week, so we plan to have a few sleep-overs and make it fun. We already have a ladies game night on Thursday, so we are getting serious about making the most of her being a bachelorette with two kids in tow.  Pleae keep her and the boys in your prayers for safety and peace of mind.

We have quite a week ahead of us and we will be sure to update often.

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