March 23, 2010

Engineers from Northern Arizona University

Trey spent last week with a group of engineers from Northern Arizona University.  They visited last year and saw the needs of the people of the colonia and couldn't stay away.  They applied for funding for a water treatment facility in the colonia and decided to return and further assess the needs of the people before moving forward.  As it so happens, engineers are very intelligent, but not all people realize what they were so blessed to realize:  when you give to a needy community you MUST provide what they see as their need, not what we as Americans see as their need.  They met with several of the leaders of the colonia, as well as the mayor of Roatan and other engineers from the island.  The consensus was that the people want more clean water and a new school.  So, back to the drawing board to see what sort of support they can get for funding the NEEDS of the people of the colonia.  It is an exciting time to see Trey light up with enthusiasm while being a part of this incredible endeavor.  His heart is moving and he is listening intently for guidance by the One that has placed us here.

Take Care and God Bless!

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