April 22, 2010

Three Hour Tour - To the Electric Company?

So, today was crazy….went to pay our electric bill on the final day that it is due.
Note to self: do not EVER do this again.

The line at the electric company wrapped around the building, about 150 people in line. It is the hottest month so far with zero wind right now, blistering heat, extra humidity, and I have two of my kids with me. What to do? I let Anna watch and play with Laney in the car, parked in the shade, with the windows down while I stood in line. By the time I got to the beginning of the line, an hour and a half later, I was able to witness several people that were let in by the armed guards ahead of all of us that had been sweating to death. If you were pregnant, a senior citizen, had little children or a big mouth, they let you in immediately.  So, when FAVOR is given, you gotta take it.
 I had the person in front of me hold my spot while I got Anna to bring Laney to the line. The armed guard immediately motioned for us to go right in; of course nothing is easy here, Laney decided to have a major blow out in her diaper right at that moment, so I got her changed and quickly took my place inside the air-conditioned room and was out of there in about 20 minutes. Got the bill paid and my three hour tour was done, so was my day. We have come to the conclusion that if we attempt and actually complete at least one of our planned tasks for the day, we are victorious. It is crazy how one thing happens then all others seem to follow suit.

Note to self: skip the line and take all four kids to the front next time; better yet, don’t let there be a next time, pay right when you get the bill dropped off.

We thank God for His grace and blessings, especially when we are not having very Christian-like thoughts about the status quo.

Take Care and God Bless,

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