April 27, 2010

Build a House and Family Comes In For a Visit!

The past couple of weeks have been crazy with preparing for the Dwellings house build and then the actual week-long erection of the home in Gravel Bay, Roatan Bay Islands.  It was a very intense time in that the days began at sun-up and did not end until sun-down while the temperatures were reading around 95 with a feels-like temp of about 120 or so and full-on humidity.  The guys were such troopers and we actually got to host Tom and Dennis from Alternative Missions at our house.  What a treat to hang out with friends from the states and actually take part in building a home for a family in need.  The family was not just in need, but dire need, the single mom of three had a dirt floor and tin walls combined with an outdoor shower/sink/kitchen area that was one in the same; no indoor plumbing or electricity and no relief from the heat or bugs.  This family actually got to see a modern day modern day miracle: God's people giving unconditionally.  We are all these people, we just need to follow through with the many ways HE has lead us to give back to the community.  A smile, a pleasant conversation in passing, a sandwich, or even a house; what have you been called to do?  Do it with pleasure in your heart and you too shall be blessed.
This weekend we had Uncle James and Aunt Linda visit just after the house build ended.  It was such a blessing to have family visit and shower us with love and affection!  The kids especially were beside themselves in getting spoiled rotten along with a long awaited taste of the states.  It was Christmas in April for our family; we had water toys, Franks' Red Hot Sauce, UT Longhorn stickers and jerseys, you name it, we were excited!  We took them to the most beautiful beaches and hung out endlessly.  Good family time and hopefully more visits to come.  The hardest part about a family member visiting is seeing them leave.  I have to admit, it made us really think about the many sacrifices we make every single day and to WHOM we do this in the name of.  Easy enough to say, but so tough as humans to just say okay, I'll do without on purpose, I'll take the road way less traveled to follow YOU.  We are constantly reminded of HIS grace in all that we encounter and thankful for every last ounce of that amazing grace. Thank you, Jesus for your understanding and all-knowing of all that we do.

Take Care and God Bless,

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  1. love reading your posts. i dont always comment but i always read them and pray for you all. we are meeting with lw4r in florida the middle of may!! =)