April 23, 2010

Culture Day in Roatan, Honduras

Today we celebrated culture day at Anna and Wiley's school.  The families at the school come from so many different cultures: Italy, Holland, Honduras, Canada, Costa Rica, USA, Mexico, and Great Britain just to name a few.  Each family brought a dish from their native culture, we took queso & chips since we used to eat it all the time and it is pretty much served in every restaurant in Texas.  We had pastelitos, empenadas, swedish meatballs, focaccia, pineapple bread, and so many dished that we couldn't even try all of them.  Yummy!  The kids performed skits and sang, there is so much talent at that school it is absolutely amazing.  They raised a giant pole at the center of the play yard, it is called a "plait pole" in which each person holds onto a long ribbon that is attached to the top of the pole and they dance around it and weave the ribbons while doing so.  It was so much fun and great to learn about a local traditional dance.

We are getting excited about the dedication of the house that Trey has been working on all week, which will happen this afternoon.  Then, tomorrow, we get to pick up a surprise guest from the airport.  We are so excited to see a friend from home!

Take care and God bless,

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