June 22, 2009

Day Three and the Crab Races

We started off our day meeting up with our new friends, Henry and Frances Zittrower, they run the local mission here called Living Water for Roatan. Check them out online, very cool things they are doing here on the island for these great people. The church is called rchurch, check them out online too, they meet at a resort called the Mayan Princess. There were about 15-20 people at the service, a small group that was all expats. The pastor, Jeremy and his wife, Melissa are young with a set of twin boys (5 years old). So, Wiley was pumped to have someone other than his sisters to hang with. We got to meet everyone there, which is not the case at our very large church back at home, so it was a nice change. We ended up with three phone numbers from people that work in different capacities in the area, we will probably get the best tours and other perks from knowing these new friends. As said before, we have great favor!
After church we had lunch and rested before heading to the beach again. We saw some cool fish and plan to get braver each day in our venture over the reef. We checked out the beach front icecream bar (turns out one of our new friends owns it, pretty cool) then headed back home for some dinner. While the girls stayed in the boys hit the beach for the crab races and fire dancers. Wiely bought a crab and won second place in his first heat then let the others take the lead for the final run. All the proceeds went to benefit a local charity. Wiley loved the fire dancers, he is obsessed with it. They told him if he wanted to play with fire, he should join the circus. That's our boy.
First thing tomorrow we are in seek of a fruit/vegetable stand and some juices for the kiddos.
God bless and take care.

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