June 20, 2009

Day Two and the Supermercado

Well, day two was pretty adventurous, we finally got our rental truck and the only law that the rental agency warned us about was to 'watch out for the taxis, they are crazy drivers'. We ate breakfast and took our first journey into town and went to the supermercado. It was something else, little shacks lined the streets, the beachfront nearest the store was nothing but little shacks. I'll have to take a shot of it, unbelievable beach front property they have. The kids were amazed at how different life must be for these people that we saw. The supermarket had pretty much everything we could get in the states, no butcher or real fruit/vegetable area. The island has to import pretty much everything.
The people here in Roatan have been extremely welcoming and hospitable. We took the kids to swim in a different location this afternoon, at a resort called Infinity Bay. Very swanky place and one of the managers even told us to come back anytime and feel free to enjoy the resort ammenities. The pool is amazing, next time we will definitely take her up on it. But, today we only did the beach, the kids woke up begging to snorkel so they could see the fish. Did we mention how clear and beautiful the water is? Just like a postcard, breathtaking. The kids are growing gills, Wiley treaded water for at least 45 minutes while snorkeling, we had to make him stop and take a break. He it too funny.
After our afternoon snorkel, we headed home for some grilled chicken on the pit, rice and I think that was all we ate but it was so good.
We will update soon on the next couple of days. Please continue to pray for great patience under such different conditioins. We are joining some new friends for church tomorrow, should be interesting.
Take care and God bless.

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  1. Connie, these updates are great! I can't wait to read along each day - what you're doing is amazing in so many ways. Those beaches sound incredible!! Happy Father's Day to Trey! :)