June 07, 2009

here we go

OK, so we have decided after many months of contemplation to take the leap of faith and take a month off to volunteer in a third world country with our kids. Yes, that is right, WITH the kids. After many months of research and most importantly, prayer, we have been in contact with several different organizations and they have greeted us with open arms.

Our Pastor, Kerry Shook, speaks of "open gates", but do we ever actually listen or look for these opportunities? Most likely not, we are definitely poster children for not paying attention. So, as He would have it, times that may seem dire or helpless have taken such a turn. As they always have in the Vick household.

With the many trials and tribulations we have endured during our marriage over the past ten years, we have learned that life is entirely too short and we only have but a blink of an eye to make our mark and leave our legacy, we only hope we can measure up. (We love you dearly and miss you, Phyllis and Dale).

To begin with, here are a few of the open doors that we have experienced recently: we just happen to be able to fly to Roatan for the exact amount of frequent flyer points that we have been saving up forever; we got a house for rent for five weeks for half the price, and the mission organizations actually NEED our help; oh, and Trey and I both happen to be able to take off work for the next five weeks, who would've thought? And this is just the tip of the iceburg.

Our main objective is to expose our children to the world of "no need", meaning, the people we will be with actually have "no need" for all the things that we think we NEED and really only want. The reality of it all is that we live here with something and need for nothing...but so often we long for everything (here in America). So much of that "everything" is right under our noses, God has purposefully placed it there, yet we all turn away from it and instead seek all these worldly things to fulfill what has been there all along.

And so begins our journey to Roatan, Honduras. We are a family of six, Trey 38, Connie 35, Anna 9-1/2, Wiley 5-1/2, Parker 2-1/2 and Laney 1. Keep us in your prayers.

Keep posted for more details...we leave Friday, June 19, 2009.

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  1. I am so proud to know someone doing this. What an amazing thing your family is doing. I love Pastor Kerry, and I think it is amazing that you guys are really going for your open door in such a big way. You know you'll be in my thoughts and prayers, can't wait to see how it goes! Becky