June 24, 2009

Okay, so we have survived some different situations in the past two days, so our postings have slowed a bit. We have lost power for an hour or two at least two times a day the past two days. So, without a/c, it is alright when you have ceiling fans going non-stop and the ocean breeze blowing into the windows, however, the wind shifted to the north and it has been pretty warm in this house especially during the heat of the day, not that we are complaining, we are very blessed to be here in this paradise. Besides, we hear it is blazing hot and dry back in Conroe.

So, we have had our usual beach runs early in the day and again in the late afternoons, to allow for baby and sometimes mom or dad naps. We have explored the island a little bit and found a wind-surfing school that Wiley is dying to go and try out. We will see. We actually met a couple from Kingwood that owns a little ice cream shop in West End. Small world. We plan to take a water taxi over there and check it out. Just so the kids can experience a little boat ride, otherwise we could easily drive there. Lots of stuff to do around here. Today is cruise ship day, they say the beaches are crazy busy and all the touristy stuff is jam-packed. We shall let you know if there is any truth to this.

Our new friends, Frances and Henry invited us to a bible study that some of the members of the rchurch attend regularly on Wednesdays. Not sure if dragging four little ones would be appropriate, we will let them make that call.

We are going to help out with the LW4R group here soon. Trey will help design a foundation for a storage building and the entire family will help out with their next mission group that arrives July 4th. We definitley want to let everyone know how the service work goes, so check back or be looking for our updates on this. Our hope still lies in exposing our children to as many things possible that will have a life changing effect on them.
Until next time, God bless.

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