June 30, 2009

Top 10 of Roatan (so far)

Today's blog is courtesy of our own Anna Vick, age: 9

these are the things I like so far:

10. makeing homemade tortillas

9.watching the sunset go down

8.driveing in to town with the windoes down

7. hunting for iguanas, lizards, and,birds

6. watching crab raceing and fire dancers

5. eating fresh food from our trees

4. watching zip liners below the house; today we are doing it

3. butifull flowers

2. seeing starfish, fish, and stingrays!

1. swiming in the ocean

thew only things we don't like are .........Bugs ,Bugs,and,More BUGS!!! (oh, and when the power is out)


  1. great job anna! i can't believe how old and beautiful you are! hope you all have a wonderful time and stay safe! give your mommy and daddy a hug from all of us!