June 14, 2009

Five more days...

It is Sunday night and we are down to mattresses and very
few other furnishings. We are so glad to have so many things to get done before we leave for five weeks with four kids...otherwise, we would obsess about what to take or not take and we would probably think a little bit more about the fact that we are about to spend 2-1/2 hours on an airplane with four kids!!!!! oh, and 5 weeks in a foreign country...no big deal, let it ride....

No, we are eagerly awaiting Anna's passport, USPS says it should be here on Monday, no prob, it's in the mail. We only leave on Friday!!!!

We want to take a moment to let everyone know of our thanks for everything from email, facebook, texts, voicemail and in-person, for all of the wonderful well-wishes. We are absolutely beside ourselves with the support we have received. We were ready for some nay-sayers, but never for the out and out support that we have so graciously accepted. Our family thanks you for absolutely every single prayer, thought, email, text, etc....we are blessed beyond belief.
Today we visited a church that spoke of praying boldly. Pastor Mike Davis spoke of asking specifically during prayer. We, as a family, ask for continual prayers of strength and that God's presence in each of us would rub-off on others. It is so contagious. Even when people least expect it, there it is. So pure and so available.
Talk to you soon and God bless.

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