July 05, 2009

6:30pm curfew and fried shrimp

We started out today with our chicken empenadas delivered to our front door. Yummy, they are so good! Then we headed out to rchurch. After church we went home for lunch and took naps while Trey went to check out the land that lw4r might be purchasing for the new community center that will include classrooms, a soccer field and basketball court. This is a very important part of the big picture in helping the people of the colonia, this would allow children to actually have a place to go and be a child for a change. Almost all the children have so many adult responsibilities that their childhood is almost non-existent. This center will also provide much needed classes in English as well as the opportunity to learn a trade. The hope is that the people of the colonia will actually have a sense of ownership and pride in making this center a reality so that they too can prosper. Please pray that this center is complete for them.

This evening we went to our usual Sunday spot, Bananarama on the beach. This is where we race crabs and watch the fire dancers. We even got there early today so that the kids were sure to each get a crab to race, sometimes they run out. We ordered our dinner: cheese fries, smoked chickens and fried shrimp. Right at 6:15 the owner stopped the beach side band and got on the microphone. He said that they had just announced a mandatory 6:30pm curfew because of some violence and death in Tegucigalpa; related to the political unrest. Although this is on the mainland, he was very serious and stated that we all needed to get home immediately. So, we had our waitress box up our food and paid our ticket. The kids ran to Ms. Vicky's ice cream shop to get their desserts 'to go'. And we went home. Boy, those fried shrimp were by far the best fried shrimp we have ever had; they were huge and kinda sweet, nothing like shrimp out of the Gulf. Well worth the short trip.

Tomorrow morning, Anna and Wiley and I are going to help out with VBS at the colonia. In the afternoon Trey will take them back into town to play soccer with the kids. This should be a fun week.

Take care and God bless!

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  1. Sounds like the vick 6 is doing great! What a great experience you are giving your children. To give to others..God Bless Vick 6.