July 10, 2009

Three weeks down and two to go...

Well, to round out our third week here in Roatan, Honduras, we finished the vacation bible school at the Colonia and went to the beach for the first time in five days. Our last day with the kids was really fun, they have really bonded with each person of the mission team as well as our family. We really had a great time getting to know the team from Roopeville, GA; they made us feel like part of the team and loved on our kids as well. There were lots of hugs, good byes and well-wishes; also the hope that each person will
return next summer. We most definitely will be back at some point.
Over the next two weeks, Henry and Frances of LW4R plan to take us into the homes of a couple of families in the Colonia that have really bonded with them. They would like us to see how their home is run and get a small glimpse of what their lives are like day to day. Without Henry and Frances to show us the way, we would not have been able to experience all that we have. They have been so incredibly welcoming and we could never say enough nice things about them and how giving they are. The people of the Colonia are very blessed to have them.

Today was the mission team's day off and we all went to Gumbalimba Park. It is a nature park with clear kayaking, snorkeling, diving, swimming pool, nature preserve, etc. Very nice and fun place. Anna and I went Snuba Diving, it was so much fun. Just like scuba diving but the tank floats above you at the surface with your regulator connected to a 25' hose. Anna was a pro and is so ready to actually scuba dive. We had a great time and saw all kinds of fish and coral on the reef; even a 'Wiley' fish that was red with a white mohawk on top.

Tomorrow we will help transport the mission team back to the airport and then hit the "big" grocery store that is about 45 minutes from the house. This is comparable to what Blair's supermarket was like back in the day; much bigger than 7-11 but not quite like Wal-Mart. I am sure we will hit the beach and enjoy some relax time. Another mission team arrives tomorrow and they will be doing some of the same things this team did for this next week. So, we may be up to our ears in sweet little angels again this week. We will be sure to keep everyone posted.

Take care and God bless!

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