July 22, 2009

Our last Wednesday in Roatan

Keeping up the trend of 'last ofs', we have now officially had our last Wednesday in Roatan. The days are flying by and the thought of returning to reality is really unsettling...when we return, we will stay the night at a friend's house, all of our belongings are still in storage, we have to pick up our vehicles and then we will spend a few days at the beach house in Crystal Beach...trying to plot our next move. Should be interesting. Not sure if we will blog about those occurrences, but it is so tempting, jj no one would probably be interested in our 'normal' life.

So, on our last Wednesday we hit the beach first thing this morning. But first we had to make sure and get our customary chicken empenadas, delivered via moped. We were short a couple of dollars so we had to go back later and square up with the wife that does all the actual cooking right on the side of the road; portable gas cook top complete with cardboard surround. Then, off to the beach with full tummies....

Not a soul was at the beach but we could feel them approaching, it was cruise day, so at least a thousand tourists were on their way. It was clear and the water was so calm, we snorkeled, built sand castles, jumped off the pier and got eaten alive by no-see-ums. We are so not used to the amount of blood sucking bugs on this island. At least you can see a mosquito and smack it, these little sand fleas are so tiny and almost clear that you never even know what hit you. Needless to say, we should have thoroughly applied insect repellent. bugs-1, vicks-0.

Anna and I hit West End while the babies were sleeping at lunch time, she needed some mother-daughter time. It can be so hard to remember to take time for things like that when there are so many kids running around all the time. I am constantly reminding myself that if we are not there for her, someone else will gladly take our spot. Anyway, we did some shopping and ate at the Noodle House, a little 10X10 wood frame shack. It was so yummy, Thai peanut noodles with veggies and shrimp and some California rolls with spicy shrimp and mango. Get out of town, it was so good! We ended up burning up about three hours and decided to head back to check on Trey and Wiley and the girls. Both babies were still asleep and Trey was finishing up a book, "Lone Survivor", about Marcus Littrell (a former Willis Wildkat), the owner of this house was in the military and has tons of military books, small world.

This evening our last Wednesday dinner consisted of homemade fried chicken and french fries. Micheal, the care taker got the fire going in the outside adobe cooker. It is made of mud and keeps one heck of a fire going. Trey fried the potatoes and chicken and we devoured all of it, he is such a good cook, probably because he absolutely enjoys to cook, just like DV did.

Tomorrow we plan to check out the house in Flowers Bay that Trey helped get started last week. The presentation of the home to the family is on Friday afternoon, we can't wait to see everyone and try to capture the moment. In the evening we plan to meet up with Tom Hackett, the founder of Alternative Missions.

Take care and God bless!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great day! Max and Clay kept saying, "Are our friends coming too?" So sweet. We love you guys! Hope to see you tomorrow for sure!
    Melissa and the gang

  2. Trey, you don't know me, but I read about you and your family's visit to Honduras in the Conroe Courier on July 1 - been carrying the article around all this time until I could sit down and take a look at your blog and read a little more about you and your family.

    I was curious b/c I knew your dad, Dale. He was a fine man, and I admired him a lot. He would definitely be so proud of you and all that you've accomplished, and I just wanted to take the time to stop by your blog, read some, and let you know that I knew your dad and really thought he was a great guy...I miss seeing him, although I know he must be looking down at you beaming with pride.

    You and your wife are obviously giving, caring people and, as a parent, that's what we want from our children.

    Be safe coming home, and perhaps we'll have the opportunity to meet one day.

    Sincerely, Andrea Fahrenthold

  3. we own some land in roatan ---- just looked at your blog ---- sounds like an anveture of a lifetime --- someday we will stay there for an extended time too -- best