July 12, 2009

Weekend Update from Roatan, Honduras

The power was out last night, so this will be a weekend update.

Saturday was a tough one, we helped transport the mission team from Georgia back to the airport. They totally caught us off guard and presented us with the sweetest gift, a plaque with scripture that each one of them had signed and written little notes on. I had to fight back the tears, it truly was amazing how easily we bonded with this group. One of the most incredible things about them was the fact that more than half of the team of eighteen, were only 17-20 years old. They were giving testimonies, loving on kids, leading the kids and just spiritually mature way beyond their years, we applaud them and their parents for a job well done, great kids with the whole world before them. We have even already gotten friend requests on facebook and will definitely keep up with all of them. We will miss them during our last two weeks here. Funny note about the airport, this is such a small island that even a trip to the little airport ends up turning into social hour. We saw several people that we have met while here on the island, picking up or dropping off friends and relatives. Just like going to the grocery store in a small town, only this is the airport. Pretty cool.

Today we went to church, it was a packed house. There was a team in for Alternative Missions, they are building a house for a family in Flowers Bay, there was a mission team in that will be hosting a couple of domestic abuse workshops this week, as well as the team from Helene, a tiny sister island. With such a full previous week, we decided to take it easy this afternoon and so we took a stroll down West End to people watch and check out the comings and goings of the area. This particular area is a dirt road that runs next to the waters edge with tons of shops and restaurants in tiny little wooden buildings or shacks. It is home to divers, fisherman, all kinds of eclectic souls.

Then, we headed to our usual Sunday night ritual, the crab races and fire dancers at Bananarama. We ended up running into the pastor of the church we have been attending and his wife and kids, his in laws were in, so the crab races and fire dancers are a must for all visitors. We hung out with them and the kids got to play and pick out crabs together. We must be on a winning streak because Wiley's #22 won the race! He won a $20 bar tab, he and his new friends, Max and Clay, plan to belly up and splurge on a few Orange Fantas. The fire dancers had some children with them tonight and let me just say that this was by far the highlight of Wiley's stay here on Roatan. Child fire dancers! One little girl was about 12 and the little boy had to be about 9, they even had a 3-year-old with pretend fire strings, she was adorable. Parker was watching her very closely. Wiley took good mental notes and will be practicing first thing in the morning, I guarantee it. Lord, help us.

Take care and God bless!

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