July 15, 2009

Ten More Days

Well, once again we have had some evening power outages and this has contributed to the absence of blog posts. However, we have had some much needed rain almost every day for the past few days, sometimes a couple of times a day. We end up in the middle of the night rushing around closing windows and then later rushing around re-opening them to take advantage of the ice cold air blowing in from the ocean.
This week, Trey has been meeting up with Tom Hackett, the founder of Alternative Missions, to help with their first donated house here on Roatan. Pretty cool stuff, they build houses all over the nation with a proposed budget of $5,000, all with donated funds. Needless to say, Tom has been an amazing source for all kinds of information about missions and how incredible the process is. Today, while Trey is with the guys, the kids and I will be at the beach for a bit and maybe hit the Colonia for the afternoon vbs. Anna and Wiley beg to go see their new friends everyday.

We spent the day on Monday at the local Iguana Farm with our friends, Melissa (the pastor's wife) her twin boys and her in laws were in from Arizona. The Arch family started the iguana farm in an attempt to help with the almost extinct green iguana population here on Roatan. They have also rescued a couple of capuccino monkeys, a few parrots, a pezote (like an anteater), a squirrel, some giant tarpon fish, and of course the iguanas. They have about 3,700 iguana right now. It was so much fun getting to pet them and watch them in a somewhat "natural" habitat. Normally they will just run away from us, but in this environment they are used to humans so they were very tame. They are vegetarians so we were in no danger. While there, we got to watch them feed on banana and lettuce. The kids have a new appreciation for iguana when we see them scutter around here.

Well, we are down to the last ten days here in Roatan and we have so many stories yet to tell, we need to catch up on the posts and fill you in on the rest of the story.
Take care and God bless!

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  1. We had SO much fun with you guys at the iguana farm! We are enjoying all of our times together. We will miss you all so much when you leave. :(