July 04, 2009

Wiley's World in Roatan, Honduras

Today's blog is courtesy of our own Wiley Vick, age 5.

This is Wiley's World:

Catching lizards (they usually lose their tail during the hot pursuit), grasshoppers, june bugs and cock roaches (ew!)

Chasing crabs at night with a flashlight (through the water).

Studying the fine art of fire dancing; presently seeking a circus to join.

Picking the fruit off the trees without the caretaker's permission (a big no-no).

Snorkeling with the ability to tread water longer than anyone on the island (the Navy SEALS are already calling to recruit).

Hogging the camera when people call us on Skype.

Heckling zip liners as they make their runs below our house.

Telling tall tales of wild rabbits, deer and iguana; the ones he claims to see every single time we get in the car.

Taking random pictures that fill up mom and dad's camera cards; lately Laney and Parker are his favorite subjects.

Keeping the mohawk trimmed with dad's beard clippers; making sure mom doesn't shave it right off.

Wearing his Bitten by the Fish t-shirt backward, on purpose because 'it looks cooler that way'.

Earning 5 Limpira for being good (thank God he has no idea that 5 limpira is only about $.25)

Playing 'I-Spy' and changing what he spies as we sit and endlessly guess.

Without TV, he has re-discovered the ancient art of drawing and coloring. He loves to "write" sweet notes to each of us, with our help, we do the writing while he does the rest. Pretty darn cute.

Making home made tortillas (see picture), salsa and chicken tacos; Big Daddy Vick would be so proud, we miss you DV.

We plan to catch the fire works on the beach tonight and will report on our first 4th of July in Roatan, Honduras. It should be fun!
Take care and God bless.

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